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Message from the CEO

OGAWA Hideoki, CEO
Ever since the establishment of Juntendo University, the aim of our medical school has been to educate clinicians who are well versed in both the scientific and humanitarian aspects of medicine. We believe that healing the soul with a warm heart is just as important as treating of the human body by utilizing modern medical techniques and equipment. Thus, we have always emphasized patient-oriented management in our teaching curriculum, along with the ability to adjust to the changes in time and the will and courage to challenge the unknown. This spirit is also reflected in our medical research programs in the various departments. Research activities at Juntendo are world renowned for their quality and their contribution to the well-being of society. We believe that our institution is an outstanding place to conduct medical research for several reasons. First, without doubt, our university has one of the best medical schools in Japan as well as in the whole of Asia. Conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo, patients from all over the country are referred for advanced medical treatments. Thus, conditions rarely encountered elsewhere are frequently found at our university hospital. The huge volume of patients also allows us to accumulate excellent data in our various studies. Secondly, our university receives a number of research funds. Our university ranks first amongst private medical schools in Japan in the amount of research funding from the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology (MEXT). We also receive large amounts of research funds from private corporations since our university is a private and unlike public institutions is not restricted in the amount of funds we may receive from the private sector. Our hospitals are equipped with up-to-date modern medical technology along with brand new hospital wings in the main university hospital in Tokyo and the branch hospitals in Urayasu (Chiba), Koshigaya (Saitama), and Izu-Nagaoka (Shizuoka). Thirdly, our university takes pride in accepting a large number of international researchers. The world of academics is without borders, and we believe that working together with people from different backgrounds will result in the development of new ideas and discoveries. To serve this purpose, I would like to invite highly motivated individuals from around to the world to conduct research studies at Juntendo University.

Message from the President

DSC_3306(代田学長写真)  Message
DAIDA Hiroyuki, President
Nurturing Individuals with Advanced Knowledge, Practical Skills, and Compassionate Hearts
Since its founding in 1838 in the late Edo period, Juntendo University has continually strived to meet the social demands of the times by dedicating itself to disseminating modern medical education and cultivating of human resources. In recent years, there have been many challenges to humanity’s existence. The world is undergoing a period of great change due to the escalation of regional conflicts, global environmental deterioration, emerging infectious diseases, and the spread of poverty. In addition, Japanese society faces numerous challenges, such as a declining birthrate, an aging population, and natural disasters. These changes are forcing scholars, educators, and academic institutions within Japan and around the world to respond. It is up to all of us to take action. Our university is committed to tackling these challenges by responding to everyday societal needs through continued progress in education and research. 

With emphasis on the spirit of Jin, which is the motto of Juntendo University, meaning compassion for others, we are also committed to advancing medicine, health science, and sports science. As health care becomes more and more globalized, Juntendo University, with nine faculties [Medicine, Health and Sports Science, Health Care and Nursing, Health Science and Nursing, International Liberal Arts, Health Science, Medical Science, Health Data Science, Pharmacy] and five graduate schools [Medicine, Health and Sports Science, Health Care and Nursing, Health Science ,International Liberal Arts,], will make tireless efforts to contribute to society by continuing to improve healthcare and by fostering individuals who become valuable members of the global healthcare team.  In this way, our efforts will not only benefit Japan but also inspire hope and have a positive impact on the global healthcare landscape.