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Healthcare will be revolutionized by the leadership of health data scientists

The rapid advancement of Information and Communication Technology has brought considerable focus to the field of “data science”. Data Science involves the collection and analysis of vast amounts of information, commonly referred to as Big Data. It has gained significant attention due to its ability to effectively process Big Data and accurately analyze the essential information obtained from diverse domains including medicine, sports, business, administration, and education.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that involves proficiencies in statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Leveraging these skills, researchers have been actively investigating the integration of “Artificial Intelligence” in healthcare applications, which has improved the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Data science is anticipated to have a significant impact on enhancing healthcare services and technology in the future.

Why Juntendo?

With Japan's transition into a super-aging society, the importance of increasing healthy life expectancy and delivering top-notch healthcare services has grown significantly. Concurrently, advancements in technology have enabled the collection of vast amounts of data from various sources. In sectors like healthcare and sports, there is a pressing need to devise innovative solutions driven by data analysis. Anticipating these global shifts, Juntendo University established the undergraduate program of the Faculty of Data Science in April 2023.

Juntendo University, established in 1838, has made remarkable contributions to the progress of medicine, healthcare, and sports in Japan, drawing upon a robust foundation of extensive knowledge and experience. Over the years, the university has collected vast repository of data in the fields of medicine, healthcare, and sports. Leveraging this rich background, our faculty is committed to offering a distinct education that integrates data science, healthcare, and sports.

The Faculty of Health Data Science, Juntendo University, is at the forefront of providing education and training to aspiring health data scientists.
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Our curriculum focuses on fostering practical skills

The curriculum in this faculty has been specifically designed to cultivate practical skills that are essential to address the challenges of our era and the future generations.

In the first and second years, students focus on building their foundational understanding of health, medicine, and sport, along with fundamental concepts in data analysis encompassing mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

In the third and fourth years of their studies, students have the opportunity to conduct research in their preferred fields and can also engage in internships at partner research centers, including Juntendo University Hospitals, and companies. These experiences enable students to acquire practical and applied skills by actively engaging with the “Real-World data”. Juntendo University is renowned as one of the leading medical universities in Japan, providing students with a distinctive chance to deal with the current challenges in the field of healthcare.
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Expanding horizons: knowledge without boundaries

Juntendo University has gained global recognition for its esteemed faculty members, known for their extensive expertise in teaching and research. Our faculty also brings together renowned experts from across the globe. Rest assured that you will learn from dedicated professionals who excel in their respective fields, incorporating mathematics, statistics, computer science computer, health, medicine, and sports.

Career Prospects of a Health Data Scientist

Juntendo University stands out as one of the few universities in Japan that offers education in “health” and “data science” fields. The field of 'Health Data Science' offers promising career opportunities, driven by growing global demand. Choosing a career as a Health Data Scientist can be both fulfilling and rewarding. This profession opens doors to diverse pathways, including roles as expertsin medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, sports-related manufacturers, IT companies, government agencies, and more.
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