Graduate School of Medicine Master’s Program


Graduate School of Medicine Master’s Program

Master of Science (MS) Program in Medical Science

AY2022 (Autumn Enrollment) Master of Science (MS) Program Graduate Admission Guide

Admission Capacity

Program in Medical Science Admission Capacity 60
International Medical Sciences Course, Number of applicantsFew

Course, Program, and Degree Titles

Course Title Degree Title
International Medical Sciences Master of Science  (Medical Science)

Admission Requirements

All applicants must have met or expect to meet one of the requirements listed below by September 30, 2022.
  1.  Graduated from a university in accordance with the School Education Act
  2.  Received a bachelor's degree from the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education pursuant to Article 104, Paragraph 7 of the School Education Act
  3.  Completed 16 years of formal education outside of Japan [*1 Applicants must confirm they meet the preliminary confirmation of eligibility.]
  4.  Obtained a degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree by graduating from an academic program at least 3 years in length b) at a school or university outside of Japan a) [*1 Applicants must confirm they meet the preliminary confirmation of eligibility.]
    a) Applicants must have graduated from an institution certified by a government or accreditation institution outside of Japan that reviews academic and research activities, or that has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) (Foreign University Branches in Japan Designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
    b) Applicants who have graduated from a distance learning course administered by a school outside of Japan while living in Japan or from an international school in Japan, whose curriculum corresponds to a country outside of Japan and was designated in the preceding issue (Foreign University Branches in Japan Designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) are also qualified to apply.
  5. Completed a specialized course of study at a vocational school (The term of study must be four years or more and meet other standards specified by MEXT.) separately designated by MEXT (List of specialized vocational school courses of study designated by MEXT) on or after the date designated by MEXT
  6.  Approved by MEXT [*1 Applicants must confirm they meet the preliminary confirmation of eligibility.]
  7. Recognized by  the Graduate School through separate preliminary eligibility review as possessing the equivalent or greater academic ability than a person who has graduated from an undergraduate program as provided in the School Education Act and will be 22 years old by the time of admission [*2 Eligibility to apply will be reviewed.]

Entrance Examination for Working Adults

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements mentioned above and who are currently working must submit a letter of consent, etc. from the head of their workplace.

Entrance Examination for International Applicants (Excludes Those with Permanent Residency in Japan)

In addition to the above eligibility requirements, applicants must meet the following two conditions.
(1) Currently residing in Japan and have not obtained permanent residence in Japan
(2) After admission, applicant will be able to obtain residence status (student) as an international student of Juntendo University

Entrance Examination for International Applicants Living Abroad (Pre-travel Acceptance Scheme)

In addition to meeting the above eligibility requirements, applicants who meet both conditions below will take an oral examination over the internet, based on which a decision on admission will be made, without the need for the applicant to travel to Japan.
(1) Currently living outside Japan and who do not hold Japanese citizenship
(2) After admission, applicant will be able to obtain residence status (student) as an international student of Juntendo University

(Security Export Control in Japan)
In accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, which seeks to protect both national and international peace and security, Juntendo University has established the Juntendo University Security Export Control Regulations to preserve academic and research activities. International students accepted into the graduate school program should consult with their supervising professor about their research prior to submitting the application because there are cases where students have to modify their application due to the research. 
International students accepted into the graduate school program must sign a pledge indicating they will comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act at the time of their enrollment.

*1 Preliminary Confirmation of Eligibility
Any applicant who does not hold Japanese citizenship and to whom the requirements in 3. or 4. above apply should consult JUIC prior to application to confirm their eligibility in advance.
JUIC (Juntendo University International Center) 
Tel: 03-3813-3795 

Any applicant to whom the requirements in 6. above apply should consult with the Academic Affairs Department (Graduate School Division) prior to application.
Academic Affairs Department (Graduate School Division) 
Tel: 03-5802-1020

*2 Preliminary Eligibility Review
Applicants who wish to apply to the Graduate School based on the application requirements listed in 7. will first be reviewed by the Graduate School Committee as to whether they meet the application requirements before they apply.
Applicants seeking a preliminary eligibility review must submit the required documents to the address listed below. An applicant will only be able to undertake the application procedures if their eligibility to apply is approved.
(1) Documents for Preliminary Eligibility Review Application
I. Graduate School of Medicine Master's Program Application Requirements Assessment Request (Form 1)
II. Professional/Research Experience (Form 2)
(2) The request should be sent to the following address:
Entrance Examination Section Academic Affairs Department (Graduate School Division)Juntendo University Hongo Ochanomizu Campus
2-1-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8421, JAPAN
TEL:03-5802-1020, FAX:03-3813-3622
(3) Request Deadlines
 Friday, June 24, 2022
* There is a possibility that requests submitted after the deadline may still be accepted. Please consult with the admissions office.
(4) Review Fee
Free (Applicants who have their requirements confirmed will be charged the Entrance Examination Fee when they undertake the entrance application process.)
(5) Notice of Results of Review
The applicant will be notified of the result of the review.

Application Requirements

Persons must meet one of the following language requirements and can submit the corresponding test certificates (in principle, such certificates must be dated on or after August 1, 2016).
1) TOEFL iBT: 60 or above; PBT/ITP: 500 or above
2) IELTS 5.5 or above
3) TOEIC 600 or above
* TOEFL iBT Home Edition and IELTS Indicator scores are also accepted. TOEFL iBT My BestTM scores will also be accepted.

Selection Process, Application Period, Entrance Examination Dates, etc.

Examination Outside Japan                                                                                        

ClassificationExamination Schedule
Selection ProcessEntrance Examination for International Students Living Abroad (Pre-arrival Admission Scheme)
Application PeriodMonday, June 27, 2022 – Friday, July 15, 2022
Entrance Examination DateFriday, August 5, 2022
 Oral ExaminationFrom 13:00
Notification of AdmissionFriday, September 16, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.
Start of EnrollmentOctober 2022
(Precautions for Examinations)
(1) The oral examination will be conducted over the internet, so an internet connection test will be conducted beforehand. The timing and other details of the connection test will be decided after applications have been received and applicants will be advised thereafter.
(2) The results of the entrance examinations will be announced via the Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine website.​

Preliminary Consultation for Application

Before they submit their application, applicants must first consult with the supervising professor in their preferred field of research regarding their education and research, etc., after enrollment.
See website below for details of individual fields of research.
Applicants who do not know the contact details for their preferred field should contact the Academic Affairs Department (Graduate School Division) at the Juntendo University Hongo Ochanomizu Campus.

Application Documents

[Documents to be Submitted] *The various certificates must have been issued no earlier than six (6) months prior to the date of application.

All applicants
1)Application FormPlease fill in the required information in the “input sheet” of the downloaded Application Form and send to us by post and e-mail as follows.
1) Sending data
Please send the Excel file with the necessary information to the following address.
Subject: Application Form (Name) *No body text is required.
Attachment: Name the attached file “Application Form (Name).”
2) Prints, photographs, seals
Print out the “Application Form [for Print],” attach a photograph of the applicant (height 4 cm x width 3 cm; write your name on the back) and obtain signature and seal in the “Academic Advisor” field ((1) or (2)) of the Application Form.)
(1) If your desired research field has a senior professor, signature and seal of that professor
(2) If your desired research field does not have a senior professor, signature and seal of an academic advisor
2)Statement of PurposeEnter the required information in the Statement of Purpose form downloaded from the Graduate School of Medicine website and send with the Application Form. (University-designated form)
3)Proof of Payment of Entrance Examination FeeEntrance Examination Fee JPY 20,000
(The Examination Fee, once paid, will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.)
4)Proof of Graduation from Applicant's UniversityCertificate of Graduation (Expected Graduation) and Academic Transcript from applicant’s university, etc.
*Not required if the applicant is a graduate (or expected graduate) of Juntendo University.
5)Test Score Certification, etc.A document certifying the score of a language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC)
The following applies to relevant applicants only
6)Graduate School CertificateCertificate of graduate school graduation (or expected graduation) and academic transcript from applicant’s graduate school
Submit an official copy of your diploma issued by the university or graduate school you attended, not a photocopy.
7)Written ConsentWorking adult applicants must submit written consent from the head of the department of the company/research institute/hospital/university/etc., to which the applicant currently belongs (University-designated form).
8)International Applicants
(Permanent Residents, Spouse or Child of a Japanese National, Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident, Long-Term Residents, and Special Permanent Residents)
For international applicants (permanent residents, spouse or child of a Japanese national, spouse or child of a permanent resident, long-term residents, and special permanent residents), documents certifying residence status must be submitted (residence card, special permanent resident certificate, copy of residents register*, etc.).
*The copy of the residents register must not contain the applicant’s personal number (My Number). If the copy has the applicant’s personal number on it, please mask the number to the extent that it cannot be restored before submitting the copy. In principle, the date of issue of these documents must be no earlier than six (6) months (from the first day of the application period).
9)International Applicants
(Residence Status Other than the Above)
International applicants (with a residence status other than the above) must submit the following documents.
(1) Written recommendation (from the supervising professor or department head of the university/research institute/hospital/etc., where the applicant is currently enrolled/employed, written in Japanese or English. No particular format required. Around 1 to 2 A4-size pages)
(2) Letter of Financial Support (University-designated form)
10)Other(1) The University may request the submission of additional documentation as required.
(2) Certificates of Graduation and Academic Transcripts included in Application Documents of applicants who graduated from university in China may be replaced by Academic Qualifications Accreditation (English Version) and Academic Transcription Accreditation (English Version) issued by the China Higher Education Information and Student Information (CHSI) or CHSI Japan for submission, instead of the Certificate of Graduation and Academic Transcript specified in the Entrance Examination Guidelines. (Such certificates must have been issued no earlier than six (6) months prior to the application date.) Such certificates are not required if the applicant is able to submit certificates issued by the university from which the applicant graduated or at which the applicant is currently enrolled.

Tuition and Expenses

Course of International Medical Sciences
  Cost Item 1st Year 2nd Year
1) Matriculation Fee JPY 200,000  
2) Tuition JPY 400,000 JPY 400,000
3) Machinery and Equipment Costs JPY 150,000 JPY 150,000
  Total Tuition JPY 750,000 JPY 550,000
  1. Tuition and expenses (annual) for each academic year are as above.
  2. Reimbursement of enrolment fee for declining enrollees: Accepted applicants who later wish to decline their admission must submit a specified written notification of their intention by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 30, 2022 to have the fees paid, less the Matriculation Fee, reimbursed.
  3. Matriculation scholarships: Applicants who have graduated from a Juntendo University undergraduate or graduate program, who work full time for Juntendo University (at the time of the entrance examination), or who have worked as full-time teachers at a Juntendo-affiliated hospital within one year before enrollment may qualify for a JPY 100,000 matriculation scholarship, upon consideration of their academic performance, work experience, work performance, and other factors.
  4. Tuition installment payments: Enrolled students who are unable to pay their tuition and experiment training costs by the deadline may apply to pay these expenses in up to two installments in principle, if they submit a letter of request for payment by installment, stating their reasons. (However, the Matriculation Fee must be paid by the deadline.)

Scholarship System and Research Funding Assistance

  1. Self-funded international students may be eligible to receive a scholarship to mitigate their financial burden, pending a review of their financial circumstances.
  2. Self-funded international students who have enrolled through the Entrance Examination for International Students Living Abroad (Pre-arrival Admission Scheme) and who meet certain other requirements, including separately established academic achievement and income levels, may apply for the grant scholarship, Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students
  3. Juntendo University nominates international students for scholarships with JASSO.
  4. There are many research funding assistance programs available for the development of young researchers, including project research funding and the University President’s Special Joint Project Research Funds.