National Pension System


Payment Exemptions

International students and researchers who do not receive a salary may qualify for payment exemptions.
International students will need to file a Special Payment System for Students application.
International researchers will need to file a Contribution Payment Exemption System application.
The Municipal Office accepts payment exemption requests for the following periods:
Past payments: due within 2 years of the date of the application
Future payments: due up to June of the following year.
After submitting the exemption request the Municipal Office will submit your request to the Japan Pension Service.
The Japan Pension Service will review applications and notify the Municipal Office of the result and the Municipal Office will notify applicants of the results.


Present the following items to the Municipal Office’s National Pension department:
Residence Card
Individual (My) Number Card
Japanese Pension Book
Juntendo University ID or Enrollment Certificate
Corresponding application, available at the Municipal Office

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments

International researchers and faculty members who have had the Japanese pension coverage periods for six months or longer may apply for withdrawal payments if they leave Japan.
Mid to long term residents who withdraw from the system will not retain the benefits of the coverage in the case they return to Japan.
The amount of money available for return is dependent on the length of coverage.


For the most up to date procedures please refer to the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments section on the Japan Pension Service website. Instructions are provided in a number of languages.