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Graduate School of Medicine


By all means, my experience as a student in Japan has been wonderful, far beyond what words allow to describe. My department is formed by an incredible team that spares no effort to teach and support me.
From the moment I arrived, my supervisor presented me a very interesting and promising research topic, in which I have been working on ever since. I observed and learned about procedures and treatments that I have never seen before in my country.
Besides improving my training as a doctor, I am confident that this experience has enriched my personal formation as well. Living in Japan has taught me how to overcome sociocultural and mainly linguistic barriers to connect with people. And most important, the difficulty became a motivation to learn Japanese. I am assured that amazing accomplishments are yet to come.




As an international student in Japan, my experience in one word will be, smooth. It was easy to cope with the procedures and get along with the lab members. I was pleasantly surprised to see everything, from getting a room in the dorm to issuing my ID card was taken care of. My supervisor helped me to design my research project. I was surprised to see how much effort she put in to advise and correct my research plan. She also took into account of the workload that my research may possess and adjusted the research plan accordingly. My seniors in lab are very helpful. One thing I noticed different from my country is how my lab members are okay with me not having experience with a certain experiment, they are more than happy to show me how it is done. Back in my country, everyone expects you to know everything. However, not knowing Japanese can be too much of a problem, as most of the lectures are delivered in Japanese. My supervisor has made arrangements for my learning Japanese language, it is getting easier, albeit slowly.


This year is my third year in Japan. I have to say time flies and studying here is worthwhile. I like the clean street, orderly pubic place. I enjoy the life in Juntendo and my lab, though sometimes the study and research task are heavy. The staffs are patient and considerate, they offered me a lot of help. And my supervisor and lab members gave me many suggestions both in study and life. Thus, it is not tough at the transition period. The experience studied abroad provide me a great opportunity to understand Japanese culture. Our group members came from all over the world, so our supervisor try to arrange the Japanese-style activities. We have cherry blossom festival in spring, firework display in summer. It is really nice experience.


This is the first time that I have the opportunity to follow my PhD course in such a developed and friendly country like Japan. I have been here for almost 2 years with many interesting memories. My supervisor is the best professor that I ever had in my study career and I have learned from him so many good things. Additionally, my Japanese friends are incredible generous and enthusiasm. They teached me a lot about Japanese language, Japanese culture as well as laboratory skills. Therefore, I have earned several knowledges not only for my research field but also for my life experience. I am in love with this beautiful country.


In general, I can say that living in Japan is one of the best fragments of time during my lifetime. Firstly, I would like to emphasize about daily living. Me and my family now live in Adachi city, around 30 mins by Metro from Juntendo campus. The living environment is quite good with many park and other facilities. The transportation also very convenient at reasonable price. I used to go around with my family to spend our precious weekend by visiting a new place of trying a new restaurant. As a Muslim, I must eat “halal” food. Halal means permissible to eat for Muslim. Despite Islam is a minority in Japan, but we can easily find halal food here. Nowadays, we can also easily find a masjid to pray especially in Tokyo area. Even Juntendo itself provide a prayer space which located at the first floor of Juntendo University Hospital.
Secondly, I will describe about my study. I learn many things in Juntendo University especially in my lab. Not only science stuff, but also the life principle of Japanese people. I learn about passion, dedication, and Integrity. The environment is warm and friendly. My senior taught me patiently and always available whenever I need help. There are a lot of new technique and skill that I learn from my senior to conduct the kind a research that I involved in. I get many obstacles and face many problems during the course. However, if those things happened, I usually asked to my senior. If my senior cannot solve the problem, then we will ask my supervisor at our regular meeting. So, I never feel stuck on the problem for a long time.
To conclude, I really enjoy my life in Japan and doing my research in Juntendo University. Doing Ph.D is not an easy thing for me, but with help from many good people, especially my Supervisor and my lab mate, I am confident that I can survive, improve, be happy, and get through this well.




My graduate program in Japan has been a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things in academic field and social life. Before I came to Japan, the International Center helped me a lot with emails regarding with documentations for scholarship and interview process with my supervisors. When I arrived in Japan, my supervisor and other team members warmly welcomed me. I could discuss and ask advice from my supervisor for my research and the co-supervisors also gave me some idea. Since it is the doctoral program, the course work is not too much, and we can self-study in the laboratory and school library. Our global health team make a group meeting from various field and countries once a month and give the opinions and advice on the presenter. This learning system helped me to get ideas for own research and improved communication skill.


As a foreign student in Japan it has been my pleasure to get an opportunity to study in the field that I always wanted and also to get to know more about the people, place and food. Every day I am learning new things both in my field and daily life that has made my life much more interesting. Although in pandemic situation many programs has been postponed but hopefully I think there is more to explore.



Graduate School of Health and Sports Science


I have always been fond of Japanese culture, and thanks to my time in Japan as a student; I had a chance to communicate and learn from Japanese people about Japanese life style and culture. This is, without a doubt, the most valuable experience of my life.
Even before I come to Japan and from the first moment of my arrival, my supervisor took care of me, taught me a lot of things regarding daily life, research etc. and even now supports me as much as he can.
Once I met with laboratory members everything kept getting better. Everyone was very polite and supportive. Not only they have taught me about Japanese culture and traditions, they helped me through my Japanese language and academic studies and daily life issues such as; legal procedures to follow, how to improve my speaking skills etc. In our laboratory everyone has specific research topics and there are also many collaborate research. Laboratory members gladly taught me about their research, methods and helped me obtain the skills I need for my own experiments. Of course, our communication is not limited to research.
Teachers, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the campus have always been very friendly; I never felt like I am living in a foreign country. It is well known in the world that Japanese people are polite. Indeed, Japanese people were very polite, helpful and respectful beyond my expectations. In Japan, people develop individually and as a part of community. Utmost consideration is always carried through daily life, school or work, basically always. My stay in Japan improved me both as a student, researcher and especially as a human being. I learned a lot from Japanese people. I would like to live the rest of life in Japan.




The consultation with my seniors and the people around me helped me quickly integrate into the working and studying environment in Japan. The more I shared the difficulties that I encountered while living and studying in Japan, the more closer friendship with Japanese teachers, students and local people.


私が初めて日本に来たときは、指導教員の研究分野が適していたからで、それ以外のことはあまり知りませんでした。 だから、最初は、日本語がわからず、友達もいなかったので、順応するのが大変でした。 しかし幸いなことに、国際交流センターの先生たち、指導教員、研究室のメンバーは私に大きな助けと励ましを与えてくれました。今は日本の生活や学習環境に慣れて、順調に進んでいます。中国留学生の交流会、研究室のBBQ、日中共同研究、国際交流会など、様々な活動に参加する機会があります。