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The observership at Juntendo was more than what we had expected. From the pathology variety and cutting edge treatment options to the cultural influences in patient counseling, there were learning opportunities in everything we saw. The faculty are welcoming and enthusiastic about teaching, making the learning experience very enjoyable. Because Juntendo has a strong international program, we were also able to learn and have fun with students from countries that I have never had to opportunity to meet before. It was an honor being able to rotate through this hospital.

This was certainly an experience that I will never forget. I have been energized like never before to work harder to be on par with these amazing doctors, from whom I have learned valuable information and work ethics that left a huge impression on me. Here is for a better medical environment all over the world! Good vibes only - I will be back.

This was the second time I've been at Juntendo and I see that they get even better with time. I recommend everyone who wants to do international observership that apply to this university. They are extremely organized and prepared to receive students and doctors from other countries.

I spent 3 weeks in Juntendo University to observe the clinical procedures. Those days are my most memorable time. I've learned the most advanced knowledge and leading skills in the world. All the staffs are very friendly. The high quality of whole university impressed me a lot!

The clinical observership program was a really valuable experience for me. I saw a lot of really interesting cases, and was afforded lots of unique opportunities with observing advanced and innovative surgical techniques. I really enjoyed my time at Juntendo!

Perfect way to get in touch with very modern medicine. Everyone is friendly and helpful without any exception in- and outside the hospital.

Juntendo is a very friendly and welcoming place for doctors who want to come to an observership, although it is better when you speak Japanese. Almost all the meetings are in Japanese, so you need a member of the team who translates to you, or just do your questions. In surgical team, or imagenology team, this is not such a problem, because you can see the surgeries and images to understand the cases, and almost all the doctors can speak English. I had a perfect stay in Juntendo, and thanks to Dr. Yamataka, Dr. Miyano and all the team for this lovely stay.

For my first time in Japan, this 8 weeks observership in Juntendo University made me aware of the difference between France and Japan concerning medical practice, doctor-patient relationships and so on. More generally, it made me think a lot about my own future, especially about travelling. This was a unique experience, both personally and professionally. Je reviendrai au Japon, c'est certain!

This is the best experience that I have ever had.

Juntendo clinical observership program was fantastic. I saw many of the rarer conditions, ranging from trisomy 18 to transposition of the great arteries, so if you want experience seeing conditions that you often only read about then I would highly recommend coming to Juntendo. The staff were always very welcoming and happy to translate (I came to Japan with no experience speaking Japanese), and the course offers very good Japanese lessons. The accommodation was very affordable and of a very high standard for student accommodation. The location itself is amazing so offers the ability to explore Tokyo during your stay.

During my observership at Juntendo University I learned a lot about medicine, Japan's healh system and Japanese culture. I also met a lot of great people who always made me feel welcomed and I came across with so many new, exciting things to study, search and think about.

I didn't know about Juntendo University until my mentor at the Tropical Medicine Institute in Nagasaki suggested me to join Prof. Mita's laboratory at JU. When I first googled the university webpage I was very pleased to find good information, a clear English website to browse and a very positive and good attitude for medicine and medical science. I felt immediately that Juntendo values are focusing on high quality patient care and wellbeing, on research to improving health and always strive for excellence. Also I am grateful to the JU International Office who has been in contact with me during the application process and delivered a very clear introductory lecture. Last but not least, my staying in Prof. Mita lab was definitely above expectations. I have spent a week of high quality scientific discussions, data sharing, hands on research with the highest aim to better understand and stop infectious diseases.

Clinical Observership Program was a unique experience for me. Especially if you choose surgery you will probably see things and techniques that you would not in your country.

This observership program is very nice for me. I got many good experiences and precious knowledge during this program and I can apply these directly to our work when I come back to my country.

Great organization, best experience, recommend to all.

Wow, this was one hell of a learning experience. I was uncomfortable, lost and felt like a fish out of water. But looking at it now I've grown so much as an individual and had so many once in a lifetime experience. The friends I've made, overcoming a huge language barrier and exploring Japanese culture. I am so enthralled and amazed by this wonderful adventure. It's interesting as well as challenging, just what every medical student would love.

The observership in Juntendo University will make you experience the advanced and well-developed hospital. All of members are kind and help whatever you do. Just do it.

I liked how your program is well organized….Juntendo University is a good choice if you would like to do an elective in Japan.

Being one of the clinical observers this 2017 was a great privilege for me. I had so much fun and I learned a lot. The JUIC staff are all very kind and approachable and made sure that all observers were doing good during the program. Thank you so much, Juntendo University, for having me as one of your clinical observers. I will never forget all the things that I learned. I hope I can come back again. ありがとうございました!

Had a very lovely experience in General Thoracic Surgery and Gastroenterological Imaging & Interventional Oncology! Although I was a nervous wreck when I first arrived in Japan as I could only speak limited Japanese, the staffs and the doctors in Juntendo were extremely welcoming and quickly made me felt part of the team. I've managed to learn a lot about the Japanese healthcare system and would definitely recommend this program to everyone. Don't let language be the barrier to trying out this observership!


I had so much fun at Juntendo University! I made so many memories in this amazing city and there is so much to learn here. My Observership programme was a fantastic gateaway to the Japanese medical system. Hope I can come back one day!

Thanks Juntendo University a lot for giving me such a precious opportunity to get access to Japanese medical system, from surgery to outpatient department. Japan is one of the most advanced country all over the world and medical system here is also famous because of advanced treatment and compressive management. It is worthwhile for medical students around the world to experience what Japanese doctors, nurses, assistants, and other members do when taking care of a patient. As a consequence, this is one of my reason why Japan is the best choice of clinical observership. The program absolutely makes me easier to fulfill my dream and it is also friendly to international students. To conclude, the program is excellent and priceless!

I'm thankful for the opportunity they gave me to be part of the clinical observership. In my country is rarely able to watch or be taught as a student using the newest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment the Juntendo University have. It helped me out to wide-open my vision and realize that my country has areas of opportunities must improve. I also was able to see the most respectful and kindest ways to talk, interact, and treat the patients from nurses to doctors. Much to learn and think about to improve my country's medical environment.

I was amazed how things were well organized even before my arrival to Japan, all departments I attended welcomed me and treated me as a part of their teams. I really enjoyed my stay in Juntendo university hospitals and I would highly recommend Juntendo university to be the first destination of overseas clinical observers.

The program has opened my eyes and gave me a future direction. I came with questions and find my answers here; this is how good it can be.

Had a fantastic experience in the department of general medicine. The staff, students and the teachers are all very welcoming and make you learn things in an exciting and fun way. Although there is a languge barrier in Japan, it wont get in your way of understanding things. If you want to see cutting edge technology in the field of medicine Juntendo Univeristy is the place. I highly recommend this program to the future observers.

If you want to attend an observership in Juntendo University, go for it! Doctors will take care of you as their own students and try to make you learn, enjoy, as much as they can in their department. I had high expectations toward Juntendo University's program, and I have to say, it lived up to them!

Neuroendovascular Therapy program at Juntendo is an excellent program with a high volume of complicated cases. Top class techniques and maverick thinking for a customized approach to managing cases.

If you have the opportunity to attend Juntendo University, don't doubt it, it will be one of the best experiences you can have! You will be able to learn so much from amazing doctors, get to see really interesting cases you might not see in your home country, and experience the amazing city Tokyo is. Every person I met here was extremely nice and always willing to help and teach, I was really amazed.

Our experience here at Juntendo University has been the most memorable in our medical school so far. The kind, caring mentorship of the doctors the friendships we formed with fellow students, the breadth of cases at the hospital, the amazing student facilities and even just the prospect of staying in Tokyo for a month were just among some of the highlights we had over this trip.

Every staff I bumped into during the programme was friendly and approachable.

Juntendo University Hospital offers state-of-the-art technology in terms of patient assistance, surgical procedures, monitoring and drugs. Knowing to speak in Japanese your self presentation in a simple way, is advisable as you may be required to do that in every medical conference of the hospital and even when you are presented to other colleagues. As the Observership Program is basically to observe and to exchange informations with Juntendo's doctors and other professionals, the candidate should consider that longer periods of training (e.g. more than 4 weeks) could not be so useful.

Well structured program and very enjoyable. I learned about procedures that are not performed in my country.

A fantastic and very memorable experience at Juntendo University. Everyone was exceedingly kind, welcoming, and made sure to integrate the international students within the respective department. The faculty/students went out of their way to help with translations and guidance whenever possible. The exposure to novel pathology as well as cutting edge research was truly unique. Overall a wonderful balance of medical education as well as opportunities to explore the seemingly limtless wonders Japan has to offer.

Great environment, helpful doctors, always try their best to explain to you about different disease and different approaches. It is a good idea to read about the disease when you go back. Also Keeping a professional attitude towards the doctors and patients is a must.
Great experience! Try to not expect anything before you come, enjoy it as you go.

I got a chance to be observer for clinical in Juntendo University Hospital, after the clinical observer program, I got many new experiences, know some new peoples from different country, Sharing experience, I found really comfortable for the program, Because the environment here is good, Peoples are kind, willing to help and teach, This is one of the best education center, in the future i hope to come again for education program.

This is the first time that I come to Japan and Juntendo University. During the obsevership, I met many professors worthy of respect and made a lot of friends here. They let me know better about medical systems and culture here. This program will become an unforgettable memory in my life. Thanks to everyone!

It's been a fantastic 3-week-clinical observership in this university. I got a very warm welcome. I came here alone but I did not feel lonely, thanks to both professors, teachers and seniors who has been taking good care of me throughout this period of time. With a high proficiency English using of many teachers, I earned lots of knowledge. Spending time here, you will get many of new experiences, not only inside, but also outside from the department. How to live, how to eat, etc. There were much for a foreigner student like me to learn. Despite, I quickly got used to it by helping from teachers, seniors, and my some of my new friends who just have been here also. I can say that some moments I felt like it's home. I am very happy and hope to come back here as soon as possible!

Honestly, this is an amazing program that allows you to gain interactive clinical experience that will undoubtedly better prepare you to be a future medical and health professional. It gives you the unique opportunity to not only see medicine being practiced live in Japan where the technology is extremely modern state-of-art-art, but more importantly, to meet new people who are passionate about medicine. Personally, I was so inspired to be a medical student and a future medical professional after my time as a clinical observer!

Do not miss the chance to meet amazing new people here in Juntendo clinical observership!

If you are looking to have a great experience don't hesitate to try Juntendo Clinical Observership program! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

I had a great time during my Clinical Observership at Juntendo University. The range of different pathologies observed during my time here helped to develop my knowledge of neurosurgery in a clinical-diagnostic context. I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about imaging techniques as well as clinically relevant topographic relations in the context of the execution of surgical interventions. Furthermore, I had to the chance to discuss healthcare with faculty members as well as meet many international students.

Thank you so much for the most amazing time Juntendo! I saw so many interesting things in the hospital. The observership also gave me the chance to meet people from all over the world, which resulted in some really good friendships. Last but not least, the people from JUIC are amazing. They will help you with literally anything and seem to really care about all the clinical observers. They even helped me to arrange a very good training schedule for Judo, so I could combine my 2 passions: doing Judo at a very high level and studying to become a good future doctor.

Juntendo Hospital is definitely a wonderful choice if you are looking for an observership abroad in a very well organized hospital. And Tokyo is probably one of the best cities in the world to live in.

Such an amazing experience... cultural and medical exchange all mixed in one while you are in one of the safest and coolest city of the world: right in the heart of Tokyo!

It is a great place to get a peek into the Japanese medical system and meet clinical observers from all around the world.

In the 4 weeks I spent at Juntendo University I had impressive insights in Japanese medicine, but also in the culture and the language. In the department all the physicians were highly motivated in teaching me subject content, but also having great and inspiring discussions about the differences in our systems. The offered healthcare seminars from the university enhanced this discussions with a greater count of people from all over the world. I will definitely carry and share my experiences for the rest of my life and would recommend anybody to apply at Juntendo and experience Japan.

I am glad to choose Juntendo's Clinical Observership program because I enjoyed it a lot and it was beyond my expectation. The doctors didn't put me in any pressure yet I learned so many new things and got many knowledge in the departments. Outside the departments, Juntendo also offered me many other activites such as Japanese Classes, Health Care Seminar, International students gathering, etc which I found very interesting, opened my mind, and made me get to know so many people around the world. I wish some day I could experience it again!

The time at Juntendo University was really interesting and awesome, not only did I meet people from all over the world, but I also was allowed to learn a lot about the Japanese way of practicing medicine. The program was good organized and the staff was always very helpful.

​It was an amazing, and eyeopening experience. Not only you get to see and learn about the medical approach in Japan, but you get to understand many the reasons on why this country is the way it is. Evryone is always also interested in learning from you, so do not worry, if you want this will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.

The best organized observership I've done so far. The people in the hospital are so friendly and are always doing their best to explain everything in English if you're not speaking Japanese. You will also have enough time to explore Tokyo. Really loved this experience.

The Juntendo University Clinical Observership Program was extremely enriching as I was able to see many unique cases in the Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Department which are hard to come by back in Singapore. The doctors and students were also very welcoming and always took the initiative to help translate discussions and ensured that I was well taken care of during my stay. Through the program, I was able to make good friends with both Juntendo University and international medical students which made the experience especially unforgettable and one that I highly recommend to future International Observers!

I am very happy to choose this program as part of my internship. It satisfied all my expectations and even overcame them. The language was not an obstacle to learn, the professor tried his best to teach me. I had the opportunity to see a lot of procedures that I wasn't been able to see before in my country. If I have the opportunity to do another observership, I will choose again Juntendo University Hospital, since you enter the front everyone smiles to you and will help you if you need it.

The decision to apply to Juntendo University came at the recommendation of a friend - he had nothing but praise for the staff, and thoroughly enjoyed his time here. Now, I`m recommending Juntendo to all my friends! The doctors were kind, welcoming, and incredibly willing to teach. I saw a lot of advanced anaesthetic techniques, and unearthed quite a few clinical pearls I hope to take into my future practice. If you are considering whether or not do apply, just do it!

I am very glad to participate in clinical observership program at Juntendo University. People here are friendly and polite. During these four weeks, I learned not only medical knowledge but also Japanese lifestyle and culture. I was very lucky to study with Japanese students in both departments which I selected. They helped me a lot in the hospital and even took me to the city tour. We had a lot of chats, which helped me understand Japan much more. Besides, international center provided some activities for us. I liked ”get-together” very much, it was a great opportunity to meet medical students from other countries. I really appreciated Juntendo University provided me such a wonderful program. It was a great experience for me.

I am very happy to attend in this course. It not only gives me a better medical knowledge, but also is a good chance for me to understand more about the country and people of Japan.

During my period of electives in the Respiratory department, I was granted the opportunity to visit and observe various procedures ranging from bronchoscopy to ultrasound guided pleural drainage. In each of these procedures I was greeted with warm and knowledgeable doctors that welcomed me into their rooms with open arms. I was able to learn a lot on how each procedure was done and was given the chance to try out some of the equipment! During conferences and tutorials/lectures, the doctors were all very kind and taught me a lot based on their area of expertise. You would not regret a posting over in the respiratory department in Juntendo, it is where you will learn about lung cancer, interstitial lung disease. It is also where you will feel part of the respiratory department as they really treat you as part of their one big family, really enjoyed my elective in their department with so many smiling faces greeting me every morning when I turn up to the hospital.

The observership program provided me with invaluable professional insights. I had the privilege of observing and learning from skilled healthcare practitioners, witnessing their dedication and expertise firsthand. The opportunity to work in a different healthcare system challenged me to think critically and adapt to new approaches, ultimately enhancing my medical knowledge and skills. One of the highlights of the observership program was the incredible diversity among the participants. Coming from different parts of the world, we brought with us our unique backgrounds and experiences. This resulted in a melting pot of cultures and perspectives, creating a stimulating and enriching environment. In conclusion, the observership program at Juntendo University Hospital was an unforgettable experience that provided me with a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, a diverse and enriching cultural exchange with fellow observers, and a broadened perspective on healthcare practices. It was an immersive journey that left a lasting impact on both my personal and professional growth.

My experience at Juntendo University was definitely positive. It enriched my medical knowledge and allowed me to appreciate the differences between the health care system of my country and the Japanese one. Moreover it gave me the possibility to meet other international students, that made my experience unique.

I am very thankful for the chance and opportunity offered by Juntendo University International Center. I hope someday I can return and observe more specialties in your institution and can return all the favor everything JUIC has done for me. I will definitely miss this place when I return to my country.

The observership here is unlike any other place, we get to know how the Japanese healthcare system works, the doctor patient relationships here is amazing and interesting cases as well. Definitely worth the experience!

Great hospital, great international center staff and amazing experience. I recommend it to all doctors and students from all continents.

I was already very interested in urology, but with the incredibly advanced technology used during surgeries, unusually kind staff who explained everything that wasn't clear and a very friendly and inclusive atmosphere, Juntendo University managed to transform that interest into passion. Thank you for everything, it was my best clerkship I ever had.

The observership is a really good experience as an eye opener which encourages self improvement. Their culture focuses on teamwork and unity which I find admirable.

Such a great opportunity to learn for a future doctor! I saw plenty of different patient cases I hadn't seen before, and learned about the Japanese health care system and culture. Overall I found the program very interesting and inspiring. I would recommend it to other medical students as well!

I think the program is really worth it. It's really interesting to see the difference between medical practice in your country and medical practice in Japan. Besides, I think Japanese medicine is really advanced in most of the medical areas and Japanese doctors have incredible skills. I saw a lot of procedures I had never seen before and don't even knew they existed. The hospital has everything and procedures are in all the departments really advanced. Apart from the medical aspect of it, it's also really interesting to learn from Japanese culture. And Tokyo is the best city ever.