Clinical Observership Program

Clinical Observerships

Clinical Observership Program

General Information

  • The Clinical Observership Program at Juntendo University is an observational experience.
  • The Clinical Observership Program offers the opportunity to observe outpatient clinics, ward rounds, surgeries, laboratories, and conferences.
  • Please review the COVID-19 Policies before applying.
  • To view a list of the affiliations of previous observers please refer to the following link.
  • To view comments from previous observers please refer to the following link.
  • To view photo collages of clinical observers refer to the following link.


  • The Department Guide lists
    • openings for each department
    • information about individual departments applicants may apply to, including: time periods, durations, application prerequisites, addition application requirements and observership content.


  • Applicants should check the Application Guide to see whether they can apply.
  • Deadlines:
    • For applications before: November 1, 2022: All applicants must have required application items 1-12 confirmed 60 days before their desired start date to apply
    • For applications on or after November 1, 2022: All applicants must have required application items 1-12 confirmed 120 days before their desired start date to apply
  • Applicants should submit the required application items prior to the deadline.
  • Applications will not be reviewed between 16 December 2022 - 9 January 2023, leading to a delay in the review process.  Applicants who would like their application reviewed in 2022 should submit all of the required items before 7 December 2022.  
  • Applicants should send all required items to Juntendo University International Center:

Required Items

  • Applicants should check the Application Guide to find more details about the required items.

  1. Application
    • Medical Student Application (Excel)
    • Medical Doctor & Resident Application (Excel)
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Personal Photo
  4. For applicants applying from countries where English is not the official language: English and/or Japanese Proficiency Test Score from one of the following: Cambridge English, CEFR, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, or JLPT
  5. For medical students: enrollment certificate
    For residents: resident certificate
    For medical doctors: employment certificate
  6. For medical students: Proof the applicant has studied material relating to the department he or she wishes to apply to.
  7. For medical students: Proof the applicant has completed an observership, clerkship, or elective in a health care facility.
  8. Contact Person (Word Template)
  9. Letter of Recommendation (Word Template)
  10. Pledge (PDF)
  11. Health Examination Certificate (Word Template)
  12. Immunization Records and Requirements (PDF)
    • Clinical observers must meet all of the immunization requirements to participate in the Clinical Observership Program.
  13. Covid-19 Prevention Pledge
  14. Personal Health Insurance


Medical Students: Free
Residents and Doctors: 2,200 JPY per day

Previous Clinical Observers