Graduate School of Medicine

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Juntendo is a leading Japanese center for cultivating researchers and highly-skilled practitioners capable of working both within Japan and overseas

Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine positions medicine as a total science focused on humankind, offering a forum for education and research to understand and put into practice ever-advancing medical knowledge and technologies, and to master the ability to update them ourselves.
Our goal is to nurture physicians and medical scientists to become not only scientists, but also highly sensitive individuals with a well-rounded education.
In other words, it is a center for education and research to nurture leaders and practitioners of medicine and medical care at the international level, who are imbued with the spirit of our motto, jin (benevolence).
Based on Juntendo’s fundamental principles and strong ethical perspective, we have set ourselves the goal of cultivating basic medical scientists and clinical physicians with the willingness to dedicate their lives to medicine, and physician-scientists capable of moving between both realms, thereby ultimately creating people who will provide relief to all those who are suffering, whether physically or mentally.
We also strive to put in place environmental enhancements. Since the 2012 academic year, lectures have taken place in Century Tower, a lecture building equipped with an ICT environment that links Juntendo’s campuses and affiliated hospitals via a dedicated network, enabling students to attend lectures remotely. We offer tuition fee reductions for graduate students who achieve outstanding academic and research results.